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Buy the same great paint products online from The Summerhouse as you see in the shop and studio. Jen will be here for you to answer questions and provide support while you create your masterpiece! You don't get that from Amazon! 64 COLORS AND 3 SIZES AVAILABLE!

I teach furniture painting classes in the summer from my retail shop, paint custom pieces for customers, go onsite to my customers homes and paint their kitchen cabinets and have done crafting parties both in my store and at my clients homes. I've used lots of different paints in both the chalk/mineral lines as well as latex and milk paints (which I also carry in my retail store) DBP is my favorite over all paint! It's smooth and creamy, very forgiving, you can thin it with water for a stain-like look, use it on outdoor products (i painted my front porch with it) and the product line is expansive with 64 colors and a ton of specialty finish products.... the sky is the the limit! I like it for my customers because it's SO EASY TO USE!! People who try DBP always come back for more because it's the best paint at the best price!! 

Dixie Belle Paint is Made in the USA non-Toxic no VOC's


Dixie Belle Paint was born out of the belief that creating beautiful timeless pieces should be easy, unintimidating and fun. Our line of chalk mineral paints have adhesive qualities designed to eliminate the need to sand, prime or prep. Just choose your favorite color from our palette of 60 stunning colors, clean your creation and start painting. No sanding, priming or sealing required! Your masterpiece will have a matte finish that can be distressed beautifully. 

Need even more inspiration? Dixie Belle Paint also offers a full line of waxes, glazes, stains, patina and metallic paints as well as a wide variety of brushes, stencils and other accessories.

painted with " The Gulf" sealed with the Satin Clear Coat. DBP by Jen Snyder

NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: If your product is damaged when you receive it please contact me promptly with photos of the damage to receive a replacement. Colors can be mixed with other DBP paints to achieve a shade or tone (you may want to order a black or white if you are thinking the color might be too "strong"

Paint products cannot be stored in cold places or they will solidify. I don't recommend storing these in the basement and definitely not the garage. An interior closet is really the best place for your DBP paint.  If you open a jar of paint and its's sludgy you can add water to it and stir until it gets to the desired thickness. Clean the rims well to prevent exposure and transfer to another container if the cap and jar get too gunked up to close properly. All paint has a shelf life and it's recommended you use it well before the expiration date. If you leave the jar open while working on your project it will begin to thicken up. Give your paints a shake and a stir periodically to keep them fresh. DBP paints have a 3 year shelf life but I recommend using them well before that date. They have a sticker on the bottom with the shelf life date. 

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