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Add some depth to your painted pieces with DBP Glazes. Glazes are a light, watery product added before waxes and topcoats to enhance areas on your piece. Can provide a "shading look" to nooks and crannies or add a hint of shine to raised areas! Easy to work with and very forgiving, you'll love adding this to your repertoire of painting tools!  Comes in 9 Colors: BLACK, COPPER, GOLD , HI-HO SILVER, PEARLESCENT, WHITEWASH, VAN DYKE BROWN, GRUNGE, AND SAPPHIRE

Jen's thoughts about glazes:

" I really like glazing, it's adds a little more character and depth to the piece. It's usually my first line product because it is so light and thin and easy to work with. I can wipe it off right away and you can even tell it was there. If you are wanting a time worn look without too much effort a glaze is the way to go! I most often use Van Dyke brown, Black and Grunge to highlight the shaded areas of a piece before I do a colored wax because I might not even need a dark wax so I save myself the time. Glazes really can add subtle depth to lighter pieces as well by highlighting the raised areas so they catch more light. Since mineral paints are completely matte, giving the paint job a bit of glazing is like going over it with a highlighter! I like glazes for people who are afraid they'll mess something up, hate it and have to completely start over. Glaze is very forgiving!"

NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: If your product is damaged when you receive it please contact me promptly with photos of the damage to receive a replacement. Colors can be mixed with other DBP paints to achieve a shade or tone (you may want to order a black or white if you are thinking the color might be too "strong"

Paint products cannot be stored in cold places or they will solidify. I don't recommend storing these in the basement and definitely not the garage. An interior closet is really the best place for your DBP paint.  If you open a jar of paint and it's sludgy you can add water to it and stir until it gets to the desired thickness. Clean the rims well to prevent exposure and transfer to another container if the cap and jar get too gunked up to close properly. All paint has a shelf life, DBP has a 3 year shelf life,but I recommend using them well before that date. They have a sticker on the bottom with the shelf life date.
 . If you leave the jar open while working on your project it will begin to thicken up. Give your paints a shake and a stir periodically to keep them fresh.  

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